Hi, my name is Lily! I am the Practice Manager, and I love to work in the medical field because there’s always something we can learn about our feet! BUT, I don’t like to see, smell, or touch the yucky gooey stuff! When I’m not in the office, I enjoy playing the piano and spending time with my family.


Hi, I’m Kenya, I’m one of the medical assistants here in the office, I chose this field because I’m genuinely interested in everything that comes with it and I enjoy helping other people and making their lives a little easier with the care we give. When I am out of the office, I love hanging out with friends, significant other and family.


Hi I’m Julie, and I am the medical receptionist! I enjoy being able to help all of our patients from the front end of our office and seeing all of your beautiful smiles walk in the door! When I am not working, I am outdoors, with family or soaking up all the love from my little boy!


Hi! My name is Halle and I am one of the medical assistants here in the office. I love woking in the medical field because not only do I enjoy learning about the science of the human body, but I really enjoy making a difference in peoples lives. When I’m not working, I enjoy coaching girls volleyball and baking!


Hello, my name is Alexandria, Alex for short. I’m a medical assistant. I enjoy working in the medical field and helping others. I’m not the biggest fan of feet, however working in the office I have a greater appreciation for feet now! On my free time I enjoy hanging out with my son, family and friends. I also enjoy crafting.